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Trees can bring great benefits to any property or home. They can enhance natural beauty improve air and water quality, and may even boost the value of a property. The properties with trees are proven to sell more quickly and are worth around 15% more than those with no trees. Therefore taking care of the trees can be an investment.

But, it’s something that’s easily forgotten about. The inability to devote the time and effort to ensure proper tree care could lead to trees becoming sick or property damage. It can also lead to an unattractive, overgrown look.


If there are trees in your business and commercial properties, it’s best to think about hiring a commercial tree service to meet your landscaping requirements. What exactly does an commercial tree company offer? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

tree Pruning, and trimming

Pruning your trees will ensure their longevity and health, and also prevents you from paying for tree care services later on later on. Pruning is particularly helpful for trees that produce fruit, since it ensures that they continue producing throughout the year.

In addition, overgrown branches could cause a tree to be too top-heavy or too heavy on a single side. Pruning can help keep this in check and can also be a technique to remove dead branches. The removal of weak branches prior to the time can prevent them from falling and damaging the surrounding.

Tree trimming is carried out to give a beautiful appearance. The well-maintained trees can help to ensure the ideal amount of sunshine. Many people make the mistake of believing they can cut trees themselves However, it’s an art and should be performed by a professional.

The Tree Removal process and the Log removal

Unfortunately, there are times when trees cannot be saved. If a tree appears to be dying or is in decline it is to eliminate it. If any of your trees are afflicted with disease it is important to do something to stop the spread of disease. It is also recommended to cut down trees damaged or infested by pests.

Sometimes, trees grow in an unsafe position like close to power lines, or leaning too far towards one side. If a tree is slightly damaged, it might be capable of being saved by cutting off damaged areas. However, this isn’t enough to make a difference, and it will be less sturdy overall. The less sturdy a tree is in its structure, the more vulnerable it is to fall over and causing severe destruction. In addition, since the Portland region has a lot of severe weather , which makes this a greater danger, it’s not a risk you should consider, particularly in commercial premises.

The process of removing trees typically involves taking the tree down by cutting the wood into logs, then trimming the stump to as low as it is. The damage to a tree isn’t always apparent, so it is sometimes necessary to consult an expert to judge whether or not a tree is required to be cut down. Employing a commercial tree service that has skilled technicians is the best way to ensure there’s the least risk of danger during removal as is possible.

The service will be equipped with the latest equipment that people, including business and homeowners do not have access to. They’ll also know precisely what equipment to choose, as it will depend on the condition that the forest is in.

If trees fall over because of severe conditions or degeneration, then you do not want it in your yard. You should ensure that the sitting logs are taken care of to stop the spread of disease, or in the event they’re attacked by insects. You can count on Mr. Tree to offer the most efficient log removal services available in the Portland area, at an reasonable prices, too.

Grinding and Stump Removal

It’s possible to think that a leftover stump isn’t causing the same degree of damage as a fully grown tree, however, it can be quite a nuisance. The first thing to remember is that the stumps left behind aren’t used for anything they’re just an eye-sore on your property.

They are also a magnet for termites and other insects, and can hinder proper drainage. They cause lawn maintenance to be more difficult because one needs to travel through the stump.

Stump grinding refers to the use of machinery to take a stump out of underneath the soil. It’s a good option for those who want to plant new trees in that area or eliminate a tripping hazard. It is possible to have a stump removed following an arborist’s visit or request stump grinding to clean up an older stump that’s was on your property for a long time. Mr. Tree will also tidy up your yard after the removal, so that your property will be as gorgeous as it has ever been.

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