Tree Service Leads in Virginia.

Generating Great Leads For Local Arborists

Are you tired of looking for the best tree service leads Tree Service Marketing Tree Service Companies SEO Tree Service Marketing There are many ways to be the best Tree Service Company in your locality. How do you know which direction to take?

Let’s face the facts, if your SEO and marketing were sufficient, you wouldn’t search for “Tree Service Leads”. You wouldn’t even be here. You wouldn’t have to pay another tree leads.

On average, tree services companies charge between $25-$65 for tree leads

You’re serious about increasing the tree services that you provide each month by at minimum two times, and elevating the level of your business.

What is the 5 Step Process?

Step 1 – Fill out the form. Please fill out the form below to schedule a time to talk for around 20-30 minutes.

Step 2 – Call the number
This is not a call to action. We want to hear all you have to share! We want to know what you think is working and what isn’t. We are interested in your vision for the company and where you see it going over the next year. Are you looking to create one or two new jobs per week? Do you want to expand your business and make people believe in “Keep Dreaming!” We want to help you keep the good things, fix the problems, and improve them. If we work together, we want you to feel like you have found the answer to your problem.

Step 3 – Audit
We will conduct an audit of your website, cities, and surrounding areas, as well as any competitors that may be taking over jobs you feel are yours. This process may take between 3-7 days. Marketing is our passion, and we want to be your last choice. We will examine everything from every angle.

Step 4 – Game Plan & Proposal

We then create a proposal for you and a game plan to help you understand what it takes to get your tree business to the place you want. The plan is then sent to you for approval. You usually have several options to choose from. (Yes, the cost is included).

Step 5 – We either start or we stop – It’s your choice!

It is an easy step. We will review the documents and send an email to you to clarify any questions. We do not push companies to do business with our company. It boils down to two simple questions, followed by a decision. Do I feel satisfied with the work my company gets? Do I feel confident that this marketing agency will be able to help me grow my tree-service business to the level I desire?

You can also let us know by email (like I mentioned). You can contact us via email to let us know what you need.

Pay per lead!

Pay Per Call is a STAND ALONE PRODUCT that can be used to build your tree company. It’s full of calls that don’t amount to estimates, tree removal jobs, or even tree service jobs.

You will always pay more at the end, and you never have control.

When you are laser-focused on being the #1 Tree Service Company within your community and in all surrounding areas, everything will work out!


It’s amazing when anyone calls you to request tree service jobs.

This is how it’s done

You have complete control over your Tree Service Marketing. We do not believe in BS, and together we can make you the #1 Tree Service provider in your area. Please fill out the form below to be directed to a webpage that will allow you to see exactly what we do.The average tree service company we work with receives tree leads for between $8 and $29.

Get estimates for a fee Clicks are not a cost!

Do you need marketing help for your tree business? Do you want to increase calls to your tree company and send out more estimates for customers who are in dire need of professional tree service? A well-designed and maintained website is key to success in today’s technologically driven world. This strategy should result in jobs, not fluff or marketing reports. Your tree cutting website will generate more leads, calls, and forms fills the more it gets traffic. Pay per click is a strategy that only large corporations and companies can benefit from. However, this strategy alone will be too expensive for smaller businesses. CT SEO Pro uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Adwords/PPC, and other forms of advertising to keep costs low and deliver high-quality results. We are not just any tree-service pay per-call company. We have extensive experience in lead generation, marketing and advertising for arborists.


Numerous tree service business marketing agencies use Google Adwords exclusively and only buy tree service advertising on search engines. When someone searches for a local arborist using a search engine, the companies that charge the most per click will be at the top of the search engine results list. It’s a bidding war. We learned from our own experience that tree service businesses wouldn’t be making a profit if $60 per call was required. We decided to try a different approach.

We will use a combination of SEO, paid advertising, and lead generation techniques to build and maintain a complete marketing strategy that results in more jobs and calls for you. We want to provide you with quality tree service leads. We are SEO experts for tree cutting services and can help our partners with phone scripts when clients call. And even with the collection of payments. You can now spend your time trimming overgrown branches, removing power lines, pruning limbs, and planting new seedlings instead of focusing on your computer advertising. If looking for landscaping services contact our partners in Vacaville. 

Check out our case study to see how we generate over 175 tree-service leads (315 calls after a storm). For one of our Connecticut partners. We have partnered with tree service contractors in Boca Raton and Palm Desert, CA in the past few months. Fill out the form below if you’re ready to grow your tree service business and get more qualified leads. We have one of our clients, John, at Richmond Tree Service who was one of our first paid-per-lead clients a couple of years back and has been with us ever since.

Here’s a case study on the ranking of professional tree service websites.

Step by step google Ranking Website Design Theory
To maintain a successful business, it is important to rank higher in Google search results. While we won’t reveal all the secrets behind how our websites rank and generate tree service leads, below is a timeline of sites that we currently rank. Your tree removal website is designed to generate leads. When someone visits your site, they call you and not go looking for competitors. Geographic location is one of the important factors that we consider. Our graph is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. We aim to reach both commuters to NYC and those who have less time at home to tend to their overgrown trees.
Generate Leads ImmediatelyWe usually start generating leads for our clients within 3-7 business days of you starting to work with me. We will create a short-term and long-term strategy depending on how we market and how many jobs we can handle.

We want you to feel confident in your marketing efforts and to be able to focus on what’s most important: Running Your Tree Service Company.
Combining PPC and SEO leads to better results! Laser-focused SEO & Pay per Click are two of the fastest and most efficient ways to grow your tree service business. It must be done correctly! You could end up spending thousands of dollars. Our clients love SEO because all leads/jobs generated by SEO are free. We don’t charge you per lead. We don’t charge per lead for paid ads/Pay per Click.