Important Things Your Website Must Have


Today’s digital age allows people to search for and find anything and everything online.

Your website is an extension of your business. It’s the first impression that prospects have of you. Who you are: WHAT they can do it themselves.┬áInvesting in your online tree-care business can help you attract new customers.

97% of people learn more about a local company via the internet.

Here are four things to remember when creating a website that customers can trust and relate to. This website is great for tree care businesses.

1. It’s simple and user-friendly navigation

  • Customers won’t be confused.

2. Optimized Service Pages & Blog Articles :

  • Tree care websites need unique pages that offer detailed information such as Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Stump Grinding. This is important for two reasons.
    • This clearly describes and identifies the services that you offer in your local area. Search engines can then efficiently find you information for people looking for them.
    • Prospects who are interested in your services have the opportunity to see your capabilities and make a great first impression.
  • Discuss any other tree-care services that you might offer.Be clear about your unique selling point!
  • Blog, blog, blog, and blog again. Your blog page should address common questions your customers are searching for, such as “What are the Signs that a Dead Tree is” and “When can Oak Trees Be Trimmed?”
    • Search engines are able to tell you that you are regularly updating your blog (the process by which you create helpful, brief insights for customers).

3. Refer to these trusted reviews and see examples of your work.

  • In order to generate leads, trust is an essential factor. To showcase your skills, work ethic, and the satisfaction of customers with your work, make sure you have current testimonials/reviews pages.
  • Show your customers the dramatic before-and-after photos.

4. You should highlight the areas that you serve.

  • Make it clear and easily visible on all your websites which cities or counties serve you to ensure the best search results.

Include the basics: a responsive website, that is mobile and tablet-friendly, a call number, and a lead page for potential customers to get in touch.

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