How to Prevent Emergency Tree Service


When we think of winter, they typically imagine winter snow, cold temperatures and the holiday festivities with loved ones and friends. What people aren’t focusing on is the fact that winter is a hazardous time for your trees. The weather outside gets more terrifying. The temperature outside starts to fall. It is important to ask yourself if my trees healthy and secure enough to last this winter. Here are some ways to plan for the winter months ahead, and ways you can reduce the need to call an emergency tree service , and help ensure that your property and family are protected. It’s an opportunity to have fun with your family, not to worry about the dangers of trees around your home or on your property. What’s the point of adding more stress to your day, especially during this time of year.

Beware of Dead or hanging branches, limbs and limbs

The trees you have can experience an array of changes throughout the course of the year. The continuous buildup of strain on them due to the extreme weather we’ve endured over the past few years can make vulnerable. Add to that, any accumulation of snow or strong winds could leave areas of your trees in a state of decay, damaged and even dying. The last straw winter can cause a tree to go into the mud. This means dangerous, destructible and hazardous tree circumstances for the property. Any extra weight brought on by ice or snow will only increase the danger.

What can you do to avoid this danger? Regular inspections of your property conducted by a tree expert. A majority of trustworthy companies will provide the property or tree inspection at no cost. They will examine your trees to determine if the tree’s branches or limbs are in need of attention and what can be done to fix the issue.

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Be aware of trees in close proximity to power lines

If you notice tree branches that are near power lines, immediate attention is needed. There are a myriad of issues that could occur if you do not address this issue immediately. It is obvious that you don’t want to be a victim of a power loss or worse ignite fire.

The best solution is to hire a certified tree specialist trim the troublesome branches and take away the risk. In this case, more than ever it is important to speak with an expert tree service that has experience working with power lines. They should be insured and possess the tools (i.e. bucket trucks and special saws) to perform this hazardous job safely. Always remember that prevention is the best option. Particularly in the vicinity of power lines.

Be conscious of trees that are near or near your home.
Without or with powerful winds, trees that lean towards your house pose risky for your family members and yourself. Trees that fall cause many deaths every year. They also cause many property damages. The tree’s tips barely touching your roof or the neighbor’s property might seem harmless but when the tree is just a little too close to the surface, it’s in close proximity enough to trigger harm. Again, if you’re looking to avoid the need for emergencies, taking preventive measures is the most effective way. In addition, the winter or dormant growth season is a great time to trim your trees. It’s also a good method to save money for the service.

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