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The Google My Business profile is a crucial channel to generate leads. The massive impact Google has had on the way people search, choose and purchase is not overstated. With the economy returning to normal and vaccines being released the consumer’s behavior has drastically changed.

  • 79 percent of customers have said they are unlikely to go back to the old methods of buying, as they’ve adapted to the new digital world.
  • In addition, 79% of customers expect companies to keep enforcing safety and health restrictions when they are recommended by CDC.

Customers are planning ahead for the best time and place to shop and where to shop, and this trend isn’t going to go away any time in the near future. This is in stark contrast to previous offline “browsing” practice, in which consumers typically frequented a variety of stores in one go looking at alternatives, comparing prices, and taking a day of their shopping trip.

In response to this change in behaviour and behavior, it’s no surprise that local “near to me” Google searches grew globally by over 100 percent in the year 2020. In states that are reopening their economies due to the relaxation of social distancing laws It is crucial for businesses to be able to compete when customers begin their journey via Google.

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If you’re planning to make use of Google My Business to generate leads, it’s essential to improve the quality of your listing. In this article, we’ll discuss the tools that you require to boost lead generation using Google My Business. There’s plenty to discuss so let’s get started.

What exactly is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free listing for local businesses can utilize to control their presence on both Google Search and Google Maps. It’s similar to listings in online directories for businesses like Yelp or The Better Business Bureau, however it’s listed directly on Google as well as Google Maps search results, which means that it doesn’t require users to go to a third-party website.

How can you enhance Google My Business to increase lead generation

A simple Google My Business listing isn’t enough to generate more leads, particularly as more companies are competing for local SEO. It’s crucial to make use of the entire suite of tools Google My Business offers.

The dramatic growth on local Google business searches makes the advantages in optimizing your GMB profile quite obvious. However, 56% of local businesses have not yet claimed the benefits of a Google My Business listing. This presents a chance for them to become up to par or even jump ahead of their rivals.

If you’re looking to expand your business, it’s crucial to create the Google My Business profile to help generate leads.

1. Verify that your NAP information is correct.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. For you to have your Google My Business profile to get a good position in local searches for business it is necessary to have your NAP (name address, address, and telephone numbers) to be up-to-date.

If the contact information for your business is out of date, inaccurate or in error, the customer who accessed your company will be terribly disappointed. In these days, even small issues can be enough to turn off clients.

It’s possible to think that this is easy enough to manage, however numerous businesses fail to provide exact NAP details in the GMB listing. In actual fact, 71% of people have been disappointed because of inaccurate local business information discovered on the internet.

2. Select the correct business type

Did you know that the principal GMB classification is also the most important “local pack” ranking factor? Selecting the top primary GMB category, as well as other GMB categories each have a significant impact on the way a company appears in local search results.

Google My Categories for business provide Google as well as potential customers what kind of services that you offer. For example, a real estate agent who also offers appraisals could select categories such as “real estate agent” as well as “real appraisal of estates”.

If you’re one of the Google My Business categories, it can increase the chance of your business being ranked higher in relevant searches. If you’re an urgent care center it’s much more likely to be found when people search for “urgent treatment near me” when you’ve got “urgent medical care” as the main category.

Here’s how to make changes on Your Google My Business categories.

  1. Log into Google My Business.
  2. If you have multiple locations, head to the location in the category you would like to change.
  3. Click on”Info” “Info” section. Click on the “Info” tab.
  4. Select the pencil symbol beside the primary category. It should appear under the business’s name.
  5. Modify the primary category you have created, or click Add a new category
  6. At least three powerful exterior photographs, shot at various times during the day, depicting the way to the business from a variety of angles
  7. At least three photographs of the interior
  8. Photos of your products of the most popular items and services you provide
  9. One picture of typical areas that your company may include, like reception
  10. Three minimum team and management photos
  11. For restaurants, bars and cafes, pictures of the most loved food and drinks
  12. Images of hotels’ guest rooms

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